Chocolate Sketchpad

How I wish it were true…


Name: Faye

Online alias: Blazifay | Chocodude

Birth date: 9/21

Location: Manila, Philippines

Hi! I’m Faye, and welcome to my site! Here you can view my gallery which is, yes, my hobby. I like to draw a lot and I like inking them in the computer for fun πŸ™‚ ! I use mainly Adobe Photoshop CS3 and I also have a tablet. I hope to buy Corel Painter because I know quite a lot about it. Using a program like that would be so cool!

So right now I’m in my second year of High School and I guess you can say, I’m enjoying it πŸ˜‰ . I used to think that High School was going to be a terrible experience but… hey, live & learn, right? I am shy, but if I know I can trust you as a friend, I can be really expressive πŸ™‚ . My only negative attribute is that I like being weird & different from others. I wanna stand out, and I enjoy strangeness in things πŸ˜€ . I also join many art communities and I especially love DeviantArt.Β  It’s a great community and you can learn a lot from other artists.


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Chocolate Sketchpad – I know, lame title. I’ll change it when I feel like it πŸ˜›

Favorite Game

Oh wow, do I really have to answer that?! :O

I guess I like playing Ace Attorney games… I like controlling Nick more than Apollo, lol. I like Godot , FYI. XD

I don’t plan to be an attorney myself, though… *shifty eyes*

My DS… it’s old but still usable. So when not online, my eyes are on the DS almost all the time, lol. B-but I like reading, too! Honest. Any DS game is fine… I guess.


Dood, do ya really have to ask?? Drawing, of course!

And I guess I like daydreaming too πŸ˜€


Food – chocolate!

Animal – penguin, bunnies, puppy.

Fave Subject – math | english

Blazifay? – Many people ask me this, so let me clear things up for you… If you like playing Pokemon, you should know Blaziken. I really like that pokemon, you know? So I thought…

Blaziken – ken = Blazi

Faye – e = Fay

Blazi + fay = Blazifay!

Nice formula, huh?

Thanks for visiting CS :3

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