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Doodles: Kirby

Posted by Faye on May 31, 2009

Kirbyyyyyyy Hello! I’ve been making a few doodles lately while waiting for my CP IX. I whipped up this UFO Kirby. I think it came out rather well. I plan to ink him later on. I also have other random drawings of Kirby and his other ‘powers’. They’re too messy though, so I won’t post ’em. Why draw Kirby a lot, you ask? Well, I’ve been playing Kirby: Nightmare on Dreamland on the GBA and I’ve been having fun with it. It’s so fun to play and the sprites are pretty cool. I also find the characters somewhat interesting XD .

The GBA is getting pret-ty old though…. so I might download the game for my NDS. I heard there’s a Kirby game for your DS now, too.

Dooood!Oh, yeah! And I’ve been practicing on drawing male characters, too, on a realistic sorta way. I really enjoy reading tutorials. My secret weapon? References! Search some on the internet; I recommend Googling them πŸ˜‰

I also found some on DeviantArt. Try putting the keyword tutorial on the search bar. I found plenty of helpful tutorials. Check out what I’ve come up with! I’m really enjoying this πŸ˜›



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