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Posted by Faye on May 15, 2009

Hello! Sorry for lack of updates, I’ve been very busy lately(not to mention lazy). And I’ve been having meetings with some of my buds. So anyway, I found this awesome blog, of course about art, and I suggest that you visit it for references & inspiration! They’re a great team of artists. Their artwork are amazing, I’m sure you’ll get a few pointers from them 😉 !

Click here to go there NOW!

I check out their blog almost everyday, and they update a lot. I’m one of their biggest fans right now… Oh, and I’ve got plenty of ideas for my next project! I’m creating a new way of sketching, you know, a better one. Something that I know will be wonderful to look at when inked. When I get the chance to scan my sketches, I’ll be sure to post them here for your own references! Right now I’m still studying, so keep updated!


One Response to “Inspiration”

  1. Osiris said

    Hey I have something that might interest you These are the references I used in learning anatomy

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